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Frequently Asked Questions

Mandatory Information You Must Know Before Booking A Service From Drones And Dresses 

Where Is "Drones And Dresses" located to take your Drone Videos and Drone Pictures?

I will be traveling around the world and will update the website when I'm in a New City or Country. This might be where you live or are vacationing currently. You can book my services when I'm there. Sign up to Email List, as well as follow me on instagram to see where I'm at next.

Where will we go to take your Drone Videos and Pictures?

When You Click To Purchase A Package, I will give options of places where drone photographer and videography are allowed in your city, choose one. If a place you want is not on the list, contact us. If shots are internationally (outside of the United States)most will occur at or near a beach. If in the United States most shots will occur near or at beaches, drone permitted park locations, or stuctures resembling towers, castles, or in the vicinity of lighthouses.

How Many Locations Will We Visit?

We will visit one location. We will take aerial videos and aerial photos in various spots in that one location.

What Happens If It Rains or Snows?

As a commercial drone pilot, your safety is my main concern. Therefore, if it rains or it is too windy too fly the drone, you can pick an alternative date for your shoot, but if the alternative date doesn't work, you will be given a refund. If snow is already on the ground and there is no snow in the forecast, we can continue with the shoot, just dress accordingly.

What Time Does The Drone Service Begin?

1.You will pick the date and time. You are given a 15 minute grace period to arrive. If you are arrive more than 15 minutes after your shoot, your shoot will end at the schedule time you booked your shoot. Extra minutes will not be added if you are more than 15 minutes late. The moment you arrive on time or with your 15 minute grace period, is the time your session begins. 

2. You Must Arrive 20 Minutes Early To Be Put Into A Flying Infinity Dress.Example: if your session is at 9am, arrive at 8:40am.

What Is Included In The Cost Of "Drones And Dresses" Service?

A. Duration of Drone Session

B. Flying Dress If You Choose It (dress is put on you by Drones And Dresses Photographer/Videographer)

C. Aerial Videography

D. Aerial Photography

E. Helping you into the Dress (if you choose the dress) & assistance with poses.

F. Posing Tips

G. Professionally Edited Drone Videos and Pictures (see specified amount on your package)

H. Creating A Drone Video With Royalty Free Music For You To Use

I. Creating A Slow Motion Drone Video With Royalty Free Music For You To Use On Social Media

J. Sending Specified Amount Of Raw Drone Videos And Pictures

Where do I change into the Flying Dress Rental and what do I need?

A. If you are getting a flying dress rental, please wear a strapless bra.

B. Do not put on any glitter lotion.

C. No oil or lotion because it can stain.

D. Please wear spandex shorts or a similar material underneath for the dress.

E.  I will help you into the dress at the location, which will be outdoors. I will put the dress over your head or you can step into it. The dress has a lot of room and is stretchy at the waist. If you wear a big shirt or maxi dress its easy to help tie the top of the dress on you.

F, No perfumes.

What are the flying dresses sizes?

Sizes of Dresses:

Yellow- Size 0 - Size 18

Pink- Size 0 - Size 14

Red- Size 0 - Size 14

Dark Orange Size 4- Size 26

What Time Is Best For A Drone Session?

Early morning is best (7am to 11am ) or sunset time (5 to 6pm) because less people are not outside at that time if at a beach, pier, or cliff. If at a park, (7am to 130pm is best) or (5 to 6pm).This is important because I'm not able to fly over people that are not in the drone session and we will be in public places. A Drone Session will be smooth without less pedestrians around.

Can I Just Rent Out The Flying Dress?

No, you can't. Our flying dresses are only used in our Drone Sessions for clients of Drones And Dresses in their Drone Photo/Video Shoots with our Drone Pilots only.

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